Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 17: Everything Else Pales in Comparison

As I began to write my blog post I could only think that everything I did this week pales in comparison to the relationship that we build with our students. Last year I taught an amazing little boy that lost his life last night. I have been thinking of him today as I got ready to meet my co-workers and visit with his family.  He was purposefully placed in my third grade classroom,  I feel so blessed that I was able to be in his life,  I learned so many things about him that I will always treasure. 

My week was a busy one. I hosted SES Students of the Month in the Makerspace to complete the first student project. I had pre-cut MAKERSPACE letters out of cardboard and the students decorated them. They did such a great job!

We hosted visitors from Altus Public Schools this week. This was the first time that I was able to be the host, I am usually the teacher that they come to watch in action. It was wonderful to see all our teachers doing such amazing things in their classrooms and feel confident enough to share! 

I am enjoying the many "behind the scenes" things that I get to do in my position. It is always a "feel good moment" when I know it helped someone or something at our school. I also had a few meetings this week, I know they are necessary in order for growth to happen, but it is probably the least favorite of the many things my job entails. 

Due to Christmas Programs this week, I produced the Weekly Recap on Wednesday afternoon. I always love interacting with the students and learning about our awesome teachers! 

Friday I had the opportunity to travel to Alex Public Schools and work with second thru fourth grade teachers as they integrated technology in their lessons. Some of the things we did were: Mystery Skype with North Dakota, put written reports into 30hands then QRcodes, and work with OSMOs. It was a wonderful day! 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey  as I learn and grow each week,
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 16: Innovative Educators Make Innovative Students

Week 16 began differently than any other this year...Monday morning (7:00a.m.) I sat down to place all the orders for the Makerspace, at approximately 1:00p.m. they were complete.  Friday morning, we began receiving some of the orders, it was so exciting! 

There was a lot of action in the Makerspace this week too. Our awesome staff at Clinton Public Schools are so talented! They have been carpenters, electricians, and painters this week. TV's were hung, walls and shelves were painted, and more electrical sockets were added. Our Wednesday faculty meeting even began with a fun activity in the Makerspace. It's good to be a Red Tornado! 

Random Acts of Kindness are in full swing at Southwest! Thank you Ms. Brickhouse and Ms. Tucker for allowing me to be the recipient of one your class projects. They made my day! 

Southwest December Innovation & Tech Newsletter went out this week, also Thursday afternoon I hosted a "Blogging 101" session. I am always so encouraged as teachers enter the room...there was a lot of sharing, connecting, learning, and growing (hopefully new bloggers too!).  I am so Blessed to work with the BEST! 

Friday afternoon I got to teach fourth grade! Mrs. Clark won the November Tech Challenge and her prize was a half day off while I subbed for her. Two of my former third graders were in her class, that was a special treat for me! 

The ELL side of my job is amazing! I am at Nance two mornings a week. I love center time, the kiddos are progressing so fast! Southwest's program is running so smoothly. Ms. Jamie is doing a fabulous job! I can not wait to see the progress each student has made as we meet next week to go over data. 

It is hard to believe this was the 16th Weekly Recap. The students did an outstanding job and we learned a few interesting facts about Mrs. Clark too! 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I learn and grow each week, I love my job!
Mrs. Hime

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 15: I Am Thankful...

When I thought about writing this week's blog, my first thought was, "It's only a two day week, did I even do enough to write about?", then I realized I have so much to reflect upon.... 

I was busy Monday and Tuesday assisting teachers with lessons, Mystery Skypes, Skype in the Classroom, and just simply brainstorming ideas (that is sometimes the most valuable thing we do as a team). I am so thankful I work with such amazing educators!

The past two days were also filled with finalizing things for the Southwest  Makerspace, accent paint has been purchased and all paperwork has been turned in for purchase orders, it is getting real! I am so thankful for the guidance, and for the vision, that our campus has put together!

I initially wasn't going to do a Southwest Weekly Recap, but  when it came down to it, I just couldn't have Week 14 and skip to Week 16, so I took pics from our #swelem twitter and put one together. 

I am  thankful this year for my wonderful husband, amazing children, our sweet little grandson (and for the one on the way),  and  my amazing co-workers. I am thankful for their daily encouragement, enthusiasm, cooperation, collaboration, tweets, emails, and smiles.  

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I learn and grow each week,
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 14: There is Excitement in the Air!

It is good to be a Red Tornado, not just this week, but every week! 

This week I was invited into a Mystery Skype with Mrs. Oyler's class. It was their second skype of the year,  it was fabulous to offer support as they used critical thinking skills and teamwork to determine the location of their opponent...North Carolina! 

It was the third week of the month, so that meant Innovation & Tech Tuesday! It was a wonderful time of connecting, sharing, learning, and growing. There were twenty Southwest staff members present, so exciting! After snacks and share time we played an innovative game, Human Tic Tac Toe, it was  blast!  As a wise man once said, "You don't have to be bad to get better", so I am asking all SW faculty and staff to complete this feedback form

Our Makerspace is moving right along, this week's meeting was very productive. We had more teachers attend and offer fabulous ideas. CPS carpenters now have the stage and the Chrome Bar complete. Things are coming together! 

I have started filming the Weekly Recap on Thursday afternoon so that we can get the link and QR Code to the office Friday and onto the weekly newsletter that is copied on Friday and can go home in Monday folders. 

Friday's date will go down in history as a big day for Clinton education. The Leadership team and BOE staff put together a day of celebration that included gift bags, coupons, photos, and stipend checks for every employee of our school district. It was a day of joy and excitement for all! Thank you Clinton Board of Education for investing and supporting Clinton Public Schools. I feel very blessed to be able to grow and learn from one of the best Superintendents in Oklahoma, thank you for your vision and leadership Mr. Hime (AKA my best friend & hubby). 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I grow and learn each week,
Mrs. Hime 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 13: Each Meeting, and Discussion, is Necessary to the Growth of Our School

As I prepared to write this reflection I looked over my past week's calendar and notes. I felt as though I didn't have anything exciting and innovative to write about. Over the past three years my reflection has been a starting point for the following week. I tried to "out do" myself each week. It really kept me on my toes and made my lesson planning authentic. But, at first glance this week, it seemed that my week was boring, just meetings. Then, I realized that each meeting was necessary to the growth of our school. 

Mrs. Gaunt and I meet with each Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten teacher this week. Each meeting was very important so that we could discuss the students we see:  keep them, move them, and gain new ones. Some meetings were easier than others, but that means we are all passionate about our students and willing to do what is best for each individual student. The reading coaches were able to join us in the Kinder meetings so that we were able to serve more students between us. I am so thankful for each teacher that meet that us, and for the willingness of Mrs. Taylor to make it all possible. 

So many exciting things are happening each day at Southwest. This week I was able to work with Mrs. Gaunt and Ms. Perez to lay out the plans for the Southwest Makerspace. We took the plans our teachers had shared, added to them, and went to work. I am thankful for the leadership of Mr. Meget and his willingness to allow us to move forward with the vision. It is amazing to see changes each day and realize it takes all of us to make it happen. 

My week ended as it does each week...organizing, producing, and publishing the Southwest Weekly Recap. 

Thank you allowing me to share my journey as I grow and learn each week,  
Mrs. Hime 


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 12: A Different Busy...

Week 12 was busy, but a different busy... I have been known to say, on many occasions, that each job/position in a school district is necessary or we wouldn't have them. I am grateful that I have been able to assist in many areas this year and see first hand what goes into so many different tasks, and the value of each one. 

The book fair was in full swing this week. I volunteered to help an hour a day, and I am so glad that I did. I was able to see what goes into hosting the book fair, see former students and meet new ones, guide them in the selection process, and then check them out.  It was a very enlightening experience! 

Southwest faculty and staff hosted our annual Literacy Night this week. It was different this year, instead of having it in each classroom we all set up in the cafeteria. We each had a partner, dressed as book characters, shared a literacy activity, and had a takeaway for each student. I dressed up as a pilgrim, and my partner (Ms. Jaime, our ELL assistant) dressed up as Pocahontas. Our literacy activity was "Move, Groove, Read". The students walked in a circle on sight word footsteps to the song "It's All About Those Books", when the music stopped they said the word they were standing on, then got a bookmark and a takeaway sheet that had qr codes that took them to games they can play at home to practice sight, vocabulary, and spelling words. Our table also gave away six Thanksgiving themed books. It was a great night! 

I published the November Edition of Southwest Innovation & Technology News this week. This month I have challenged the teachers to 4 tasks, in 4 weeks, then their names will go into a 'Lottery", if they are selected I will sub in their classroom for 4 hours on December the 4th. 
 "Is 4 your lucky number?". 

I had several meetings this week to look at ELL data, re-adjust, and move forward. As a classroom teacher I did that regularly for my students, now I am doing it on a larger scale, seeing the bigger picture. 

My week ended as it does each week: organizing, producing, and publishing the weekly recap. I added a new layer to it this week... I filmed Friday's Rise & Shine so that parents/community could get a glimpse of how their students day begins at Southwest. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I learn and Grow each week, 
Mrs. Hime

Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 11: Did you say... Skype?

Week 11 began, and ended, with an Author Skype! I am thankful for Skype in the Classroom and the authors, experts, and teachers that are willing to engage with students in the classroom via skype. It has removed the "four walls" and enabled our students to experience so much more than we can offer... It Takes a Village.

The first author skype of the week was with Mrs. Clark's class. They had read the book "If an Armadillo Went to a Restaurant", then we skyped with the author, Ellen Fischer. The students listened intently as she explained the writing process and discussed her book. The students were able  to ask questions, which were terrific!

Tuesday evening was Reading Night at Nance, it was the first time that I had been able to participate. The teachers worked with a partner at a booth, facilitated an activity, and had a take away. The teachers and students were dressed up in amazing costumes. We played reading games, danced to the Monster Mash, and even took pics in the photo booth. What a fun night! 

We had three skypes with the Night Zookeeper this week. Each one was different, but each was fabulous! He had an accent, his time is 5 hours ahead of ours, and he lives in a zoo at night. He is an author/storyteller that takes care of the creatures in the zoo. The kids love him! 

Mrs. Thacker's class read the book, "Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room" then we skyped with author Carol Ekster, she  never disappoints. After 35 years as a classroom teacher in Massachusetts, she retired and began writing children's books. She discussed the importance of using action verbs in writing, the writing process, read a book, then answered questions. She is always so patient and so kind!

The last author skype of the week was in Mrs. Aston's class. They are reading the chapter book "The Cat in the City" and are loving it! We were ready to  skype with author Julie Salamon Thursday afternoon and due to sound issues we were not able to complete the skype. But, we got the issues fixed and it went off without a hitch on Friday. 

My Friday ended as it does every week: organizing, producing, and publishing the Weekly Recap. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I learn and grow each week,
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 10: Collaboration, Skype, Twitter, Oh My!

Week 10 saw the beginning of the second nine weeks of this school year...

The ELL side of my position is going fabulous. This week Mrs. Gaunt and I met with Reading Coaches, Special Education teacher, Counselor, and the Principal at Nance to look at the first grade students we have worked with throughout the first nine weeks. It was wonderful to see the growth and also to identify those students that may need a change. Smokey the Bear came by this week too!

At Southwest I worked on  a second nine week plan for my three first year immigrant students, they have shown so much progress! Mrs. Bridges (Reading Coach) and I met to make a plan for a few of our ELL students, I am excited to get it started! 

Author Skype was the "Buzzword" at Southwest this week. Two teachers skyped with Paul Czajak, author of Monster Needs Your Vote.  Another teacher skyped with Greg Bancroft, author of Betsy's Day at the Game. Both skypes were amazing! Each author read aloud, then then took questions, I was amazed at the questions the students thought to ask, they  were fabulous! 

The Global Read Aloud continued with a week three twitter chat. Mrs. Marshall's class did an awesome job brainstorming the questions! 

My school week ended the same as it has the previous nine weeks: organizing, producing, and videoing the Southwest Weekly Recap. 

I ended the week, and began the coming week, at the Google Summit in Tulsa. I was able to collaborate, learn and grow with not only my amazing Clinton colleagues, but educators from Oklahoma and beyond. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey  as I learn and grow each week, 
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 9: Connect, Share, Learn, Grow

Where has the time gone... I can not believe we have completed nine weeks of school! What is that old saying, "Time flies when you are having fun!".

This week I assisted Mrs. Moore's class with their first Mystery Skype.  They did an awesome job of of using critical thinking skills and teamwork to determine the location of the other class within fifteen minutes. They were in California!

Tuesday afternoon I hosted Southwest's first Tech Tuesday of the year. I was a little nervous that no one would show up after three emails of regrets., but I went ahead and set up like I was going to have a crowd... Twelve teachers came! I was so surprised and grateful... We had a wonderful time of connecting, sharing, learning, and growing. I sent a reflection padlet out the next morning asking for takeaways from Tech Tuesday, thanks to everyone that came and also to those that took a moment to reflect. 

Wednesday afternoon was my Friday, it ended with organizing, producing, and publishing the ninth Southwest Weekly Recap. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I learn and grow each week, 
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 8: Each Week is Different, and This One Did Not Disappoint

Each week in my new position has been different, and this week did not disappoint. 

Two second grade classrooms (Marshall & Paul) began Global Read Aloud 2015 by reading The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes. The classrooms are going to connect globally with other classrooms through a Twitter Slowchat. I am so excited to hear about the book and the connections the classes make! 

I was able to assist Ms. Gifford's class with their first Mystery Skype this week... Pennsylvania! It is always wonderful to watch as the students use critical thinking skills and teamwork to determine the mystery location. 

Mrs. Moore's class was ready for their first Mystery Skype and the other class did not answer our call, so what did we do? We went over our game plan for the next one which will be Tuesday October 13th!

I was able to attend OTA/Encyclomedia two days this week and I had the opportunity to share/present one of my presentations "Techify Communication Between Home and School". This one is very different from my past presentations in that I shifted the audience. I usually present my best practices as a classroom teacher and this was geared for admin., but I think it went well.  I have had several people ask if I could share the presentation, but since I am presenting it again at TCEA I decided to make a resource page to share. Please email or comment below if you have any questions, I am always happy to discuss or assist! 

I published Southwest October Innovation & Technology News this week. Six teachers were winners of a book and Author Skype! (I was only able to get pics of four of them...) I also have three teachers that will be participating in skypes with The Night Zookeeper! I am so excited! 

As always my week ended with organizing, producing, and sharing SW Weekly Recap. We are beginning to interview classroom teachers, this week Mrs. Blackketter was up!

I am going to leave you with a powerful slide from one of the keynotes this week! 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I grow & learn each week! 
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 7: Bridging the Gap Between School & Community

As I reflected upon week 7 I realized that it was a week of 
bridging the gap between school and  community (local and global).  
I had the opportunity to visit with parents on two campuses to discuss ELL and Technology Integration in the classroom, organize and produce the weekly recap video to share the awesome things happening on Southwest campus, as well as  connect students to our global community. 
It was a fabulous week! 

Mrs. Gaunt, Mrs. Gonzalez, and I hosted an ELL Parent Night at Nance. We demonstrated Clinton's new reading program, Footsteps to Brilliance, and enjoyed getting to know the parents of our students. 
The night was a overall success!  

At Southwest I was a part of the extended teachers that were set up to greet parents in the Library. We engaged in meaningful conversations about our various programs while the parents viewed a slide show and had refreshments. 
Both nights at Southwest were awesome!


Also this week I assisted two teachers with Mystery Skypes: Mrs. Stephens' class and Mrs. Thacker's class both skyped with classes in California! The students used critical thinking skills and teamwork to determine the locations. 
They were amazing (as always)! 


Another highlight for me this week was an invitation to visit an art class at the middle school. It was a special invitation for me as many of the students were in my first #cpsreds class. I enjoyed getting to see their amazing creations and catch up on their lives. 
Thank you for sharing with me Mrs. Bodilla! 

My week ended with organizing and producing the Southwest Weekly Recap, 
you can watch it below: 

Thank you for allowing me to share as I grow and Learn,
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 6: So Much to Do and So Little Time to Do It...

Week 6 was fast and furious, so much to do and so little time to do it... 

Mystery Skypes are not new to me, but as I assisted Mrs. Collin's class this week I experienced  a first... the class we were skyping with were having internet issues, so we conducted the Mystery "skype" via cellphone! Kuddos to Mrs. Collins class for being so patient and kind as we worked through the issue. Once we got started they determined the location in just 15 minutes!
 Collin's Class Mystery Skype #1...Kansas!

I also assisted Mrs. Oyler's class this week with their first Mystery Skype. We did not encounter any issues, it went great! The class was awesome too! 

Oyler's Class Mystery Skype #1...Arizona!

I visited Ms. Gifford's class as they began a National Hispanic Heritage Month project. The students were each assigned a country that has Hispanic origin. They are researching that country using their ipad,  drawing the country's flag, then listing facts on the back. Thank you for inviting me, it was amazing! 

This week I worked on planning and organizing a new addition to Parent/Teacher conferences on SES campus. I used the Canvas app to make posters for all the teachers, signs for the hallways, and name plates for the extended teachers that will be in Library to visit with parents. I am very excited to see it all unfold Tuesday! 

The ELL programs are going really well. It is exciting to see the progress the students on Nance and Southwest campuses are making each week. I am looking forward to the first Parent Night next Wednesday evening!

My week ended as it does each Friday with organizing and producing the Southwest Weekly Recap...

Thank you for allowing me to share each week as I grow and learn,
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week 5: Organized Chaos

Some say that I am OCD, I say I am extremely thankful for that trait in my new position. This week I made a Skype lesson in Skype Education, set several classrooms up with skype accounts, received and answered skype emails for those classrooms, scheduled several Mystery Skypes , and assisted one class with their very first one.

Ms. Pruitt's Class 1st Mystery Skype...Missouri!

I created a bulletin board outside of the library/Media Center to showcase the awesome innovative and techy things the Southwest teachers are doing in their classrooms. 

September Highlights

On the ELL side of my job... I passed English/Spanish dictionaries out to students so that they and their families can use them at home and published the SW ELL Newsletter September Edition. Our ELL students at Nance and Southwest are soaring! They are like sponges, I love the look on their faces when they connect the "old and the new". 
This week ended like the previous four, producing, editing, and publicizing Week 5 Weekly Recap. 

Week 5~ Southwest Weekly Recap

Organized chaos, I love it! 
Have a Fabulous Week 6,
Mrs. Hime


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 4: Goals: Set, Achieve, Repeat

Before the school year started Mrs. Gaunt and I set goals for the ELL program on Nance and Southwest campuses...this week few of those goals were met, and it feels good! It's that excitement you get when your class masters a standard... I had wondered if I would gets those same feelings that I loved as a classroom teacher...and I did!

On Southwest campus I actually met one of my goals last week when I was able to deliver each teacher's ELL binder to them one week ahead of my goal date. Inside each binder were their student's LIEPs grouped according to the pullout schedule they are on (two or five times a week). We also began the ELL pullout program on September 8th as planned. The collection of HLS forms is also going great, I believe there are only two that I am lacking, goal date is October 1st! YIPPEE!

On Nance campus after looking at data we decided to regroup and shift our focus so that our program will  reach the students that need it the most. We were able to begin on a smaller scale on our actual goal date of September 8th, and begin the full program on September 9th. We will see three groups of eighteen Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First grade students each morning. They will go through three centers that focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It has been a long time since I worked in lower elementary, it's scary and challenging, but it will allow me to learn and grow!

I published the September Edition of SW Innovation & Technology News on Tuesday. This edition focused on ways to connect globally such as Dot Day and Global Read Aloud.  We had several giveaways too, it was very encouraging to see more teachers participating!

My week ended as it has the past four, with the Southwest Weekly Recap, you can watch it here. 
Keep up with my days, weeks, or the whole year on Shuttercal, it has been amazing so far!

I am off to set more goals, achieve, and repeat!
Mrs. Hime 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week 3: Maybe you are the one meant to hear it...

Week three began (and ended) taking pictures, labeling them, and making books for our first year immigrant students on Southwest campus. I can not wait to begin working with them next week! 

ELL binders were completed,  loaded on a cart, and passed  out to each homeroom teacher at SES. While passing them out I was the recipient of a very kind gesture by a third grade student. He came out of no where, offered to hold the door open for me (and my cart), and walked me down the hall. I was able to share  his outstanding behavior with his class, give him a Caught Ya coupon, and make a phone call to his place of residence to praise this young man. 

I had several very productive meetings this week with reading teachers, first grade teachers, and ELL assistants. I also attended a superintendent's advisory team meeting, Footsteps to Brilliance meeting,  and spoke at the Kiwanis club. 

I have really enjoyed being able to shift my roll  to serving and assisting teachers with instructional technology and ELL issues. I have been amazed at the wonderful response I have received from the awesome staff at #CPSREDS. 

My week ended with producing Southwest Weekly Recap, once again the students were outstanding! Kuddos to Mr. Fowler's homeroom for brainstorming such awesome questions for the interview with Mrs. Quintero! 

I am documenting my days, weeks, and year on Shuttercal, take a look, it has been amazing!

Thank you for allowing me to share as I reflect upon each week while I learn and grow, 
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 2: Makerspace, ELL, Weekly Recap..Oh My!

It was another busy week that began, and ended, with Makerspace presentations by our fabulous CPSREDS staff. 

We hosted the #oklaed chat Sunday night from Nance Elementary Makerspace. Each campus was represented by principals, teachers, and students that were engaged in 
centers around the room. 

Monday and Tuesday I worked with two amazing ladies WIDA testing Pre-K and Kindergarten students, it is going to be an amazing year working with these two! It has been a few years since I have worked with little ones, but one thing is still the same, they are adorable! 

Wednesday-Friday I worked on ELL binders, Home Language Surveys, and making groups at Southwest. My little room was taken over by boxes and paperwork...

Friday afternoon I produced Southwest Weekly Recap~Week 2, with  a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grader, they were spectacular! 

My week ended at the OSSBA conference Saturday morning. CPSREDS put on an "out of the box" presentation for superintendents and board members from across the state.  

As I conclude my weekly reflection I want to share a quote I recently read on twitter, 
it is worth a retweet! 

Leave a strong impression this week!
Mrs. Hime