Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 4: Goals: Set, Achieve, Repeat

Before the school year started Mrs. Gaunt and I set goals for the ELL program on Nance and Southwest campuses...this week few of those goals were met, and it feels good! It's that excitement you get when your class masters a standard... I had wondered if I would gets those same feelings that I loved as a classroom teacher...and I did!

On Southwest campus I actually met one of my goals last week when I was able to deliver each teacher's ELL binder to them one week ahead of my goal date. Inside each binder were their student's LIEPs grouped according to the pullout schedule they are on (two or five times a week). We also began the ELL pullout program on September 8th as planned. The collection of HLS forms is also going great, I believe there are only two that I am lacking, goal date is October 1st! YIPPEE!

On Nance campus after looking at data we decided to regroup and shift our focus so that our program will  reach the students that need it the most. We were able to begin on a smaller scale on our actual goal date of September 8th, and begin the full program on September 9th. We will see three groups of eighteen Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First grade students each morning. They will go through three centers that focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It has been a long time since I worked in lower elementary, it's scary and challenging, but it will allow me to learn and grow!

I published the September Edition of SW Innovation & Technology News on Tuesday. This edition focused on ways to connect globally such as Dot Day and Global Read Aloud.  We had several giveaways too, it was very encouraging to see more teachers participating!

My week ended as it has the past four, with the Southwest Weekly Recap, you can watch it here. 
Keep up with my days, weeks, or the whole year on Shuttercal, it has been amazing so far!

I am off to set more goals, achieve, and repeat!
Mrs. Hime 

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