Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 6: So Much to Do and So Little Time to Do It...

Week 6 was fast and furious, so much to do and so little time to do it... 

Mystery Skypes are not new to me, but as I assisted Mrs. Collin's class this week I experienced  a first... the class we were skyping with were having internet issues, so we conducted the Mystery "skype" via cellphone! Kuddos to Mrs. Collins class for being so patient and kind as we worked through the issue. Once we got started they determined the location in just 15 minutes!
 Collin's Class Mystery Skype #1...Kansas!

I also assisted Mrs. Oyler's class this week with their first Mystery Skype. We did not encounter any issues, it went great! The class was awesome too! 

Oyler's Class Mystery Skype #1...Arizona!

I visited Ms. Gifford's class as they began a National Hispanic Heritage Month project. The students were each assigned a country that has Hispanic origin. They are researching that country using their ipad,  drawing the country's flag, then listing facts on the back. Thank you for inviting me, it was amazing! 

This week I worked on planning and organizing a new addition to Parent/Teacher conferences on SES campus. I used the Canvas app to make posters for all the teachers, signs for the hallways, and name plates for the extended teachers that will be in Library to visit with parents. I am very excited to see it all unfold Tuesday! 

The ELL programs are going really well. It is exciting to see the progress the students on Nance and Southwest campuses are making each week. I am looking forward to the first Parent Night next Wednesday evening!

My week ended as it does each Friday with organizing and producing the Southwest Weekly Recap...

Thank you for allowing me to share each week as I grow and learn,
Mrs. Hime

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  1. Enjoy watching it, great idea and fun for the kids.