Sunday, August 28, 2016


As I was reflecting on the first full week back to school with students one thing kept coming to mind, timeout... 

What do you do with the student in your classroom that isn't following your expectations? As a former classroom teacher I had a "Reflection Station". If a student was not following class rules, expectations, or procedures they would be invited to the Reflection Station to think about their actions and complete a short form that they would take home for their guardian to sign and return to class the next day, that usually detoured any negative choices for a while. The next time the student made a negative choice I called the guardian and the student visited the Reflective Station. The third time this happened I requested a guardian visit and the student visited the Reflection Station, this usually led to positive choices. 

I wish that I had read about "The Responsive Classroom" much sooner! I love the idea of introducing a "Talk spot" or "Take a break" spots as positive, respective, and supportive teaching strategies. The "Talk Spot" is a place in the classroom that you can invite a student  so that you can talk privately, or if they are having a disagreement with another student they can ask to go there to work the problem out. The "Take a Break" spot is a safe place inside the classroom where the student is able to hear the lesson, but is able to calm down, then rejoin the class. What novel ideas! 

Of course the teacher's voice and tone play into "The Responsive Classroom". Always using a calm, quiet voice, and few words allows less distractions in the classroom. Our principal shared an awesome article  with us this week, Eye Opening Video Will Make Adults Reconsider the  Way They Talk to Children, it really makes you think about your words and the procedures you use in the classroom, and school. 

As always, I love to learn  then share... I found many ideas for a responsive classroom on Pinterest and Teacher Pay Teacher. What are your expectations and consequences as you go into the school year? Have you explicitly practiced them in a positive manner? It's not too late to start, tomorrow is a fresh new start! 

Have a wonderful week! 
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Leaving a Legacy

This morning, as I was reflecting on a week of inservice and the first two days of school with students,  this week's educational slow chat question kept coming to my mind...What legacy am I leaving for the students, faculty, and staff of Southwest Elementary? I made a list, in no particular order, that I would like my legacy to consist of. Hopefully, at the end of the school year, it will be a legacy that is worth leaving!

 1. Mutual Respect
 It is so important that we have respect for one another in all situations. We may not always agree 
 but we must value each other's opinions and ideas. "treat others the way you want to be treated".

2. Confidence
Having confidence (trust) in our abilities and having a feeling of self assurance 

3. Trust
I want others to see that I am a person that speaks the truth at all times, the good and the bad, so 
that we have a relationship built on trust. 

4. Honesty and Integrity
Be honest in all circumstances, act with integrity which shows that I have moral principles.

5.  Kindness
Spreading Acts of Kindness has always been important to me. Being friendly to everyone, even 
at the my darkest times, is a trait I want to share with others. 

6. Serving Others
The most important things we have to offer are not things, but ourselves. Whether it is covering 
a class, making copies, wiping tables in the cafeteria, or carrying a backpack, the feeling of serving always makes the person serving feel awesome! 

7. Taking Risks
Failing forward isn't failing at all, it is progressing in the right direction,  I hope to model this               daily,  it is worth it! 

8.  Planting Seeds
Planting a small seed may not seem important but when it is planted and nurtured, it will grow 
and flourish into something so amazing! 

9.  Each Person is Important
Each person, and position, in a school is very important, or we wouldn't have them.  I want others 
to see that I value every person that I come in contact with. 

10. Connect, Share, Learn, and Grow 
I want to continue my theme...connecting with colleagues to share the wonderful                                 things we know so that we can all learn and grow on our professional journey. 

What legacy are you Leaving? Make it a great one! 
Mrs. Hime


Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Summer Full of Learning...

I can not believe summer is coming to an end... it has flown by! What is that saying, "time flies when you're having fun". I have had so many opportunities to learn and grow this summer, I can not wait to share with the amazing staff at Southwest Elementary! 

I started my summer with two days of webpage training. I know that sounds boring, but I learned so many new things, I have already put many of the ideas into practice on our campus webpage. You can see it here! 

I was invited to a LETRS training by one of our second grade teachers, I am so glad I went! Not only did I learn and grow as a reading teacher but I got to spend the day with one of the best teachers I know! 

It was great to see so many of my peers and friends at the summer CCOSA conference. My favorite session was watching my husband and several other amazing educators discuss #oklaed. I am so proud of these men that had this idea five years ago and haven't backed down. It has been trending as one of the top chats on Twitter! 

I spent a week in Edmond with an outstanding group of Southwest teachers! We not only attended Great Expectations but we also spent time on the way there and back and at lunch each day going over all the things we had learned and how we were going to implement it on our campus. It was an outstanding week! 

Traveling to Denver with Clinton colleagues was a definite high of my summer. We not only attended awesome meetings, gathered many ideas to bring back, but we collaborated on the way to, and home from, Denver. You could say I was "brain dead" when we returned home!

My office was packed and moved. It is coming together slowly between meetings and getting ready for the new school year. 

A week of Leadership and Strategic Planning meetings were also on my agenda this summer. These meetings were held in Clinton, with Clinton school and community leaders. It is wonderful to work and learn with such amazing people. 

School is starting in four days, I think I am prepared! 

August ELL News 
August Innovation & Technology News 

I am not sure what my blogs are going to look like this year, I may change it up a bit.  For the past four years I have reflected each week, this year I may blog on specific topics, thoughts, and ideas. Stay tuned! 

Stephanie Hime
ELL/EdTech/Asst. Principal