Monday, January 16, 2017

Bloom's in the 21st Century

As everything is evolving in the 21st Century, so is Bloom's Taxonomy. Bloom's should be an important component when preparing lessons, maintaining higher expectations, and higher order thinking skills. This is not only beneficial to our ELL students, but to all students. You will find an updated version below and a short Seinfeld video series that speaks to each level. 

I am excited to start the discussion about the new Bloom's Taxonomy in PLCs this week! 

Mrs. Hime

Monday, January 2, 2017

My One Word of 2017

Three years ago, as I was pondering my New Year's resolutions,  I stumbled across a "One Word" challenge on Twitter. After researching the origin, and meaning behind campaign,  I thought it was for me. I have made endless New Year's resolutions that would stick with me for a month, sometimes two, then they would vanish. The "One Word" challenge simplified my resolutions. I printed several small posters with the word and strategically hung them in my classroom, office, on my mirror in my bathroom, on my refrigerator... places that I would be sure to see the word every single day to remind me of my challenge for the year. It has worked well the past two years, and the words were definitely a force of inspiration for me in all areas of my life. 

My One Words:
2015: Grow
2016: Diligent 

As I have been reflecting on 2016,  two words have continued to come up: Impeccable and Intentional. Both words would serve the purpose for me, however one word had a lasting memory. During my Masters Program I read a book, "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. I decided to get the book off the shelf and reread the section on Impeccable. I discovered so many wonderful sentences and quotes that I had highlighted several years ago. I didn't stop my research there, I went to my bible. I began to read scripture that spoke of the way we use words, my favorite was Proverbs 25:11.  I decided this must be my One Word of 2017: 

During 2017 I am going to diligently work on speaking impeccably about myself. I will take responsibility for my mistakes but I will not judge or blame myself. I am going to spend my energy in the direction of truth and love of myself and others, for anything else is a sin. My words can create the most beautiful dream, or can destroy everything around me. 

I do not see myself as a gossip, however I am in places or circumstances from time to time that gossip is present. It is a poison that just can not ever be good for the soul. Every person that gossip touches is effected negatively. This year I will be reminded daily to walk away from those conversations, to be happy and at peace with the world. 

Here I come 2017! 

Mrs. Hime