Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Role of Technology in the Classroom

This week's #Edslowchat question of the week is very timely: What should the role of technology be in school today and how can it be used effectively? I was very encouraged yesterday as many #cpsreds attended the Western Oklahoma Edcamp. It is always wonderful when educators take their time to learn and grow!

Technology is a tool in the educator's toolbox. Ask yourself, "Which of my already awesome lessons can I add tech to so that it enhances the learning experience?"  Technology allows the classroom to expand outside of the four walls as students become Global Citizens through connections around the world. It allows students to learn things they would not normally be able to, and in a timely manner. 

Technology should not replace curriculum, but should support it. There are many research based programs that have digital components that allow easy access to students so that they are able to use them in many locations. Teachers are also able to differentiate for students using these technology tools. When monitored correctly, there are apps and educational games that allow students to enhance their learning. 

Using technology to reflect (blog) allows the student (and teacher) to look at what worked, what they need to improve upon, what can they do differently, and where do they go from here? This is a fabulous way to make plans to improve, grow, and move forward. 

One thing has not changed, the teacher is the variable in the classroom,  meaning sets the tone for the learning. If the teacher has clear, thought out plans for integrating technology in the classroom, it is a win for the students and the school district. If students are not using technology effectively we are doing a disservice to them. If we (as educators) are allowing the opportunity in our classrooms for students to learn the correct way to use technology we are preparing our students for the future. 

So many little lives depend on us to make the best choice for their  educational path. Let's make it an exciting and innovative one! 

Mrs. Hime

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