Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 38: I Made It!

The last week of the school year... always a busy time... 

I spent my week collecting ELL binders, working on ELL information that would be helpful in making plans for summer school, collecting ipads and resetting them, videoing last day assemblies, attending meetings to discuss plans for next year, and of course organizing, producing, and publishing the last Southwest Weekly Recap of the year. 

As I reflect on my year, I feel excited! The new ELL program that I helped implement was a huge success! Our team worked together to make major changes in curriculum, resources, parent involvement, and community awareness. The end of the year survey  had wonderful suggestions for next year, the wheels are already turning! 

I am equally as excited  that I was able to connect, share, learn and grow with the faculty at Southwest Elementary as I assisted them in integrating technology into their awesome lessons and classroom activities. There were not very many responses on this end of the year survey but the ones that were received offered encouragement to continue on the path that we are on. I am already looking  forward to next year,  "the sky's the limit"!

I just reread my first weekly reflection of this year (You can find it on my Pinterest Board, Weekly Reflections), I am so happy that I wrote a reflection each week (Yes, that is 38!) as an avenue to learn and grow from my experiences. I tweeted the amazing things happening at #swelem and #cpsreds as a bridge between school and home. I am sad to say that about halfway through the year Shuttercal crashed and decided not to continue their services so I wasn't able to document an entire year on their site. 

So many people have asked if I missed the classroom,  I can honestly say that I didn't. I saw a "bigger picture" this year, I had the opportunity  to assist and serve the faculty and staff, making an impact outside of my four walls. I am excited to see what the future holds!

Thank you for reading my journey each week, I have loved every minute of it! 
Mrs. Hime


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 37: Innovation Week

Week 37 was just the most amazing week ever! After weeks and weeks of planning, organizing, planning, scheduling, and more planning Southwest was "Ready to Rock!" We had five themed days...even the rain couldn't keep us down! 

The Best Day Ever 
Our week started with a huge surprise for the students! After breakfast and putting backpacks away all twenty-three classrooms boarded busses that would take them on an all day learning adventure throughout our city! Each class had a partner class that traveled with them. Each grade level visited the following places on a rotating schedule: 

Second Grade: Post Office, Archery, Rock Wall Climbing, and Hockey
Third Grade: Fire Station, Newspaper, Public Library, and Ag Farm
Fourth Grade: Airport, Route 66 Museum, HS Science, and HS Band

Dodgers Game
Second and Fourth grade attended the Dodger game at Bricktown in Oklahoma City. Third grade had attended earlier in May so they stayed behind and had an AR goal celebration. 

Little Olympics
Southwest brought Little Olympics back! It was a day filled with many track and field events, fun, and laughter. Each class could send four students for an event, the top five in each event were rewarded with a ribbon at Rise & Shine Friday morning. 

Teach Like a Pirate Day
Every classroom and extended teacher taught something they were passionate about! Some of the classes offered were: 

Design and Float Boats (me), Soccer, Pet Party, Dino Fossils, Decoupage, Origami, Coral Reef, Baking, Painting, Video Gaming,  Drums, Suncatchers etc...

Every hour the students were able to choose the class they wanted to attend. It was definitely a day of "out of the box" learning experiences! 

Innovation Day at the Frisco Center
All five campuses transported (and set up) their Makerspaces at the Frisco Center for the entire student body to travel through. From 8:15 until around 2:15 over 2,000 students and community members were able to observe the innovative and creative things happening at Clinton Public Schools. 

It was an exciting, fast paced, busy week filled with amazing authentic learning opportunities for our students. I went through many highs and lows throughout the week. Just when I would think I couldn't do anymore a student, parent, or community member would offer a kind word, encouragement, or thanks so off I would go again. This week took a village, I am so proud of the positivity that the faculty and staff of Southwest had all week and for the vision of our Principal. 

Thank you for reading about my journey each week, I am having the time of my life!
Mrs. Hime 
We have four days to make a difference! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 36: Another Week in the Books

Another week is in the books... nine days to make a difference! 

SES hosted our first  "Paper-free Day" this week, it was a huge success! We asked that no one use paper or pencil, think "outside the box",  use creative, innovative, and techie ways of teaching for the day. As I walked through the classrooms I was amazed at the many ways teachers were teaching, it was so impressive! I also saw the fruit of my labor, I am so blessed to work with the best at Southwest!! 

A few months ago I wrote a grant to the Clinton Education Foundation for $2,000 for half the cost of sending myself and seven colleagues to a four day Great Expectation training, and it got funded this week! I am so excited to be able to share this learning experience with the amazing men and women of Southwest Elementary! 

This week I had a fall, you know, like Humpty Dumpty... I hardly ever eat in the cafeteria but when I saw they were serving my favorite, mac and cheese, I decided to run over and get a tray. As I was walking back to my building,  enjoying the fresh air, I found myself going down, the next thing I knew I was on the ground, my tray spilled everywhere. The first thing I did was make sure the polish was still on my toes and fingernails, then checked to see that my watch wasn't broken. I got up, inspected the stains on my white pants, then ran to grab my trashcan and a broom to clean up the mess. I did go back to get another tray, and of course I had to explain why I was back... It's not about how you fall,  it's about how you get up... right? 

My week ended with organizing, producing, and publishing the weekly recap. This week's special guests were our fabulous reading teachers, we couldn't make it without them! 

Thank you for reading about my journey each week,  I am having the time of my life! 
Mrs. Hime

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 35: Time is Running Out

This week was like all the that each day was different!

The week began with a surprise in Rise & Shine to honor the hard work our principal and assistant principal do each day. The school counselor and I organized it, the whole band (flags and all) marched in playing the school song, the cheerleaders led us in a cheer, we watched a special video made just for the honorees, and we gave them each a gift. It was a fun morning! 

Our campus hosted a group from Putnam City this week. They are beginning the first steps in implementing a Makerspace. I was able to assist in showing them around ours and answering any questions or concerns they have as they move forward. I have loved this part of my job this year! I am able to share the good, the bad, the ugly, what worked, what didn't, and what we learned from it. 

I traveled to Merritt this week with a few of my colleagues to look at the awesome things they are doing! It was a wonderful day of connecting, sharing, learning, and growing. I came away with some new ideas, I can't wait to integrate them! 

I published the last Innovation & Technology News for the year. It included a link for the Ipevo Wishpool, a document for sharing Paper-free day ideas (May 11th), a link for ReCharge, and a Padlet for feedback. 

I had the opportunity to help Pearson setup for a textbook demo. I sat with second grade teachers and examined the series along with them. I can't wait to see which series our campus votes for, I love new books! 

Each week I organize, produce, and publish the Weekly Recap. I have learned something new each week about our faculty/staff, this week I learned that Mrs. Summer Hernandez actually went to Southwest as a little girl! 

Our week ended with an amazing Rise & Shine where each teacher shared why they teach. It was powerful to listen to each teacher and the way they view their profession, their thoughts, was wonderful! 

Thank you for allowing me to share each week as I learn & grow this year, I am having the time of my life! 
Mrs. Hime
14 days to make a difference! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 34: Beginning of the End

It was a wonderful week at SES! We had our last pep rally this  week for our little second graders who were taking their final benchmark of the year. The gym was decorated with banners, we showed our campus motivational videos, and the gym was full of parents. I am so glad our campus decided to do this each Monday of testing season! 

I hosted the last Innovation & Wireless Wednesday this week. The theme was "This year has been a big hit".  I painted white tablecloths to look like the thread of a baseball, played "Take me out to the ballgame", and served Cracker Jacks, popcorn, and Baby Ruth candy bars. I turned the table on everyone this month and asked them to share a favorite lesson or tool they have used this year. It was awesome to see the amazing lessons, ideas, and things that were shared. Each month I share one of my favorite things (Mrs. Hime's Favorite Things), this month I shared sunglasses (because SES teachers are so bright) along with an end of the year poem. It was a wonderful afternoon of connecting, sharing, learning, and growing! 

Sometimes the "small things" make up a large portion of my week.  I published the last ELL newsletter of the year, sent out instructions to complete ELL binders, hosted the Students of the Month in the makerspace, and hosted two ladies from the State Department of Education this week in the Makerspace. They interviewed several students, teachers, Mr. Meget, and myself. I can't wait to see the final article they are writing! 

As always my week ended organizing, producing, and publishing the Weekly Recap, I can not believe we have completed thirty-four weeks of school! 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey each week as I learn & grow,
Mrs. Hime

We have 19 days to make a difference!