Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 36: Another Week in the Books

Another week is in the books... nine days to make a difference! 

SES hosted our first  "Paper-free Day" this week, it was a huge success! We asked that no one use paper or pencil, think "outside the box",  use creative, innovative, and techie ways of teaching for the day. As I walked through the classrooms I was amazed at the many ways teachers were teaching, it was so impressive! I also saw the fruit of my labor, I am so blessed to work with the best at Southwest!! 

A few months ago I wrote a grant to the Clinton Education Foundation for $2,000 for half the cost of sending myself and seven colleagues to a four day Great Expectation training, and it got funded this week! I am so excited to be able to share this learning experience with the amazing men and women of Southwest Elementary! 

This week I had a fall, you know, like Humpty Dumpty... I hardly ever eat in the cafeteria but when I saw they were serving my favorite, mac and cheese, I decided to run over and get a tray. As I was walking back to my building,  enjoying the fresh air, I found myself going down, the next thing I knew I was on the ground, my tray spilled everywhere. The first thing I did was make sure the polish was still on my toes and fingernails, then checked to see that my watch wasn't broken. I got up, inspected the stains on my white pants, then ran to grab my trashcan and a broom to clean up the mess. I did go back to get another tray, and of course I had to explain why I was back... It's not about how you fall,  it's about how you get up... right? 

My week ended with organizing, producing, and publishing the weekly recap. This week's special guests were our fabulous reading teachers, we couldn't make it without them! 

Thank you for reading about my journey each week,  I am having the time of my life! 
Mrs. Hime


  1. If your training is from the Great Expectations program founded by Charlie Holler, in the 1990s, and based on the teaching philosophy of Marva Collins, I can attest that impacted highly my instruction.
    Loved your fall story-glad you weren't hurt.

  2. It is! When I taught in Ponca I had one day on site training. I am so excited to have the opportunity to attend the full four day training! Hope you are doing well!