Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 38: I Made It!

The last week of the school year... always a busy time... 

I spent my week collecting ELL binders, working on ELL information that would be helpful in making plans for summer school, collecting ipads and resetting them, videoing last day assemblies, attending meetings to discuss plans for next year, and of course organizing, producing, and publishing the last Southwest Weekly Recap of the year. 

As I reflect on my year, I feel excited! The new ELL program that I helped implement was a huge success! Our team worked together to make major changes in curriculum, resources, parent involvement, and community awareness. The end of the year survey  had wonderful suggestions for next year, the wheels are already turning! 

I am equally as excited  that I was able to connect, share, learn and grow with the faculty at Southwest Elementary as I assisted them in integrating technology into their awesome lessons and classroom activities. There were not very many responses on this end of the year survey but the ones that were received offered encouragement to continue on the path that we are on. I am already looking  forward to next year,  "the sky's the limit"!

I just reread my first weekly reflection of this year (You can find it on my Pinterest Board, Weekly Reflections), I am so happy that I wrote a reflection each week (Yes, that is 38!) as an avenue to learn and grow from my experiences. I tweeted the amazing things happening at #swelem and #cpsreds as a bridge between school and home. I am sad to say that about halfway through the year Shuttercal crashed and decided not to continue their services so I wasn't able to document an entire year on their site. 

So many people have asked if I missed the classroom,  I can honestly say that I didn't. I saw a "bigger picture" this year, I had the opportunity  to assist and serve the faculty and staff, making an impact outside of my four walls. I am excited to see what the future holds!

Thank you for reading my journey each week, I have loved every minute of it! 
Mrs. Hime


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