Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 37: Innovation Week

Week 37 was just the most amazing week ever! After weeks and weeks of planning, organizing, planning, scheduling, and more planning Southwest was "Ready to Rock!" We had five themed days...even the rain couldn't keep us down! 

The Best Day Ever 
Our week started with a huge surprise for the students! After breakfast and putting backpacks away all twenty-three classrooms boarded busses that would take them on an all day learning adventure throughout our city! Each class had a partner class that traveled with them. Each grade level visited the following places on a rotating schedule: 

Second Grade: Post Office, Archery, Rock Wall Climbing, and Hockey
Third Grade: Fire Station, Newspaper, Public Library, and Ag Farm
Fourth Grade: Airport, Route 66 Museum, HS Science, and HS Band

Dodgers Game
Second and Fourth grade attended the Dodger game at Bricktown in Oklahoma City. Third grade had attended earlier in May so they stayed behind and had an AR goal celebration. 

Little Olympics
Southwest brought Little Olympics back! It was a day filled with many track and field events, fun, and laughter. Each class could send four students for an event, the top five in each event were rewarded with a ribbon at Rise & Shine Friday morning. 

Teach Like a Pirate Day
Every classroom and extended teacher taught something they were passionate about! Some of the classes offered were: 

Design and Float Boats (me), Soccer, Pet Party, Dino Fossils, Decoupage, Origami, Coral Reef, Baking, Painting, Video Gaming,  Drums, Suncatchers etc...

Every hour the students were able to choose the class they wanted to attend. It was definitely a day of "out of the box" learning experiences! 

Innovation Day at the Frisco Center
All five campuses transported (and set up) their Makerspaces at the Frisco Center for the entire student body to travel through. From 8:15 until around 2:15 over 2,000 students and community members were able to observe the innovative and creative things happening at Clinton Public Schools. 

It was an exciting, fast paced, busy week filled with amazing authentic learning opportunities for our students. I went through many highs and lows throughout the week. Just when I would think I couldn't do anymore a student, parent, or community member would offer a kind word, encouragement, or thanks so off I would go again. This week took a village, I am so proud of the positivity that the faculty and staff of Southwest had all week and for the vision of our Principal. 

Thank you for reading about my journey each week, I am having the time of my life!
Mrs. Hime 
We have four days to make a difference! 


  1. Mrs.HIme,
    You and Southwest had some awesome activities throughout the week!

    1. I heard you guys did too! It was a great week to be a Red Tornado!