Sunday, September 25, 2016

Professional Development

Professional Development has changed throughout the years. Gone are the days that we have to sit in a room with our colleagues to watch videos, or listen to a guest speaker discuss blood borne pathogens. Thank goodness! 

The #EdSlowChat question last week was "How has professional learning/development changed in relation to your role as an educator"? When I sat down to reflect on this question I was amazed at how my PD & learning has changed over the years. 

Social media has enabled me to have an online PLN (Professional Learning Network) which has broadened my contacts. Twitter has been huge for me in this area, I have specific hashtags and people that I follow and chats in which I participate. Facebook also has groups that has been a huge help. If I am seeking information on a particular subject I can "google it" and many resources become available, which includes online courses or webinars. I have attended Edcamps in several states, making connections  and receiving the latest updates in technology, innovation, and creation  have been crucial to my growth as an educator. 

One of the biggest Professional Development opportunities is right under our noses, the educators that we work with day in and day out! We each have something to offer, it's just having the time to share with each other. A few of the ways our campus is able to connect, share, learn & grow is allowing teachers time through Wireless Wednesdays, Lunch & Learns, and a new "Pineapple Chart". 

21st Century Professional Development should be "Out of the Box", it isn't one size fits all anymore! 

Mrs. Hime 

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