Monday, September 5, 2016

Digital Citizenship

What was I thinking, volunteering to do Digital Citizenship with  twenty-three second through fourth grade classrooms, well this is what I was thinking...

Our school district has made a huge technology movement over the past five years. With that movement came many awesome technology tools that has enriched our district. But, it has also left, as do so many things, more on the classroom teacher's plate. 

Each year our classroom teachers have to find thirty minutes at the beginning of the school year to squeeze in Digital Citizenship. This year I volunteered to do the lesson with each classroom and take them on a tour of the Makerspace. This was actually selfish on my part, I would get to be around the students, we could meet each other up close and personal, while giving the teachers a little time to breathe. 

So, five days later I am through! During the week approximately five hundred students met me at different times in the Explanation Station. Each group watched a slideshow and two videos, shared and discussed what they learned, then toured the Makerspace. It turned out exactly as I had wanted it to, I was able to meet each new student and get reacquainted with others. 

Life is good, I love my job! 
Mrs. Hime 

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  1. What satisfaction you must feel to have your initial Digital Citizenship endeavor go as you planned.Purposeful and meaningful technological projects will only enhance the basic curriculum, thus leading to a better educated student and in turn, a more productive person.You've started well.