Sunday, August 28, 2016


As I was reflecting on the first full week back to school with students one thing kept coming to mind, timeout... 

What do you do with the student in your classroom that isn't following your expectations? As a former classroom teacher I had a "Reflection Station". If a student was not following class rules, expectations, or procedures they would be invited to the Reflection Station to think about their actions and complete a short form that they would take home for their guardian to sign and return to class the next day, that usually detoured any negative choices for a while. The next time the student made a negative choice I called the guardian and the student visited the Reflective Station. The third time this happened I requested a guardian visit and the student visited the Reflection Station, this usually led to positive choices. 

I wish that I had read about "The Responsive Classroom" much sooner! I love the idea of introducing a "Talk spot" or "Take a break" spots as positive, respective, and supportive teaching strategies. The "Talk Spot" is a place in the classroom that you can invite a student  so that you can talk privately, or if they are having a disagreement with another student they can ask to go there to work the problem out. The "Take a Break" spot is a safe place inside the classroom where the student is able to hear the lesson, but is able to calm down, then rejoin the class. What novel ideas! 

Of course the teacher's voice and tone play into "The Responsive Classroom". Always using a calm, quiet voice, and few words allows less distractions in the classroom. Our principal shared an awesome article  with us this week, Eye Opening Video Will Make Adults Reconsider the  Way They Talk to Children, it really makes you think about your words and the procedures you use in the classroom, and school. 

As always, I love to learn  then share... I found many ideas for a responsive classroom on Pinterest and Teacher Pay Teacher. What are your expectations and consequences as you go into the school year? Have you explicitly practiced them in a positive manner? It's not too late to start, tomorrow is a fresh new start! 

Have a wonderful week! 
Mrs. Hime

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