Sunday, August 21, 2016

Leaving a Legacy

This morning, as I was reflecting on a week of inservice and the first two days of school with students,  this week's educational slow chat question kept coming to my mind...What legacy am I leaving for the students, faculty, and staff of Southwest Elementary? I made a list, in no particular order, that I would like my legacy to consist of. Hopefully, at the end of the school year, it will be a legacy that is worth leaving!

 1. Mutual Respect
 It is so important that we have respect for one another in all situations. We may not always agree 
 but we must value each other's opinions and ideas. "treat others the way you want to be treated".

2. Confidence
Having confidence (trust) in our abilities and having a feeling of self assurance 

3. Trust
I want others to see that I am a person that speaks the truth at all times, the good and the bad, so 
that we have a relationship built on trust. 

4. Honesty and Integrity
Be honest in all circumstances, act with integrity which shows that I have moral principles.

5.  Kindness
Spreading Acts of Kindness has always been important to me. Being friendly to everyone, even 
at the my darkest times, is a trait I want to share with others. 

6. Serving Others
The most important things we have to offer are not things, but ourselves. Whether it is covering 
a class, making copies, wiping tables in the cafeteria, or carrying a backpack, the feeling of serving always makes the person serving feel awesome! 

7. Taking Risks
Failing forward isn't failing at all, it is progressing in the right direction,  I hope to model this               daily,  it is worth it! 

8.  Planting Seeds
Planting a small seed may not seem important but when it is planted and nurtured, it will grow 
and flourish into something so amazing! 

9.  Each Person is Important
Each person, and position, in a school is very important, or we wouldn't have them.  I want others 
to see that I value every person that I come in contact with. 

10. Connect, Share, Learn, and Grow 
I want to continue my theme...connecting with colleagues to share the wonderful                                 things we know so that we can all learn and grow on our professional journey. 

What legacy are you Leaving? Make it a great one! 
Mrs. Hime



  1. What an outstanding posting to kick-off a productive year! Wishing you success in 2016/2017 as you pursue these "terrific ten."

    1. Thank you Bernadean! You were a wonderful role model for me and many others!

  2. I love this Stephanie! Thank you for setting such a great example!

    1. I am learning so much from you this year Kim, thank you!