Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Season of Serving Others and the Gift of Giving

"Tis the Season"... 

This year I have taken on our second through fourth grade Gifted and Talented group. It is comprised of nineteen students that are excited to try new things and dive into the unknown. I thought it would be a wonderful learning experience for the students  to serve others and enjoy the gift of giving during this time of year! 

We are currently in the middle of hosting a Food Drive on our campus. As of last Friday the students have collected a little over 700 food items which, along with items collected this coming week, will be donated to the local Mission House. The students announce the Food Drive each morning in Rise & Shine then collect and count the items each day.

Last Friday afternoon the students RAK'D the faculty and staff on our campus. They wrote positive messages, added a candy cane, then placed the notes on each car in our parking lots that surround our school. We even got thank you tweets! 

Our next project will begin this week, decorating sacks for the Winter Feed. The students will illustrate Christmas scenes on bags that will be filled with food and little surprises for community members that attend our district Winter Feed during the Christmas break. 

The students will end this unit of serving and giving by putting on a skit that will span over four days during all three lunches the week before break. This idea came up while our class was brainstorming ideas,  and the rest is history! 

If you want a feel good activity this time of year, get a group of seven through ten year olds, brainstorm ways to serve and give to your school and community, the benefits are endless! 

A glimpse of our week! 

Mrs. Hime 

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  1. What an opportunity you have taken to expose your students to the feeling of giving! It - the warmth of thinking of others and then giving - is infectious, long-lasting, and illustrative of the deep-seated meaning of Christmas.