Saturday, December 17, 2016

Contributing to the Culture of the School

How do you contribute to the culture of your school? Are you contributing in a positive or a negative way? Small things can make a huge difference when thinking about the culture on a campus. 

When I arrive at school (work) each morning around 6:30ish I make the decision to have a positive day. I ask myself, "How can I make a positive difference in a situation or in someone's life". I begin with saying "Good Morning" to each person (big or little) as they come through the office. It is amazing the difference that makes, it sets the tone for the day. 

Before Rise & Shine I make my way around the gym to give a quick hello and hugs to students. Some days there are students that I specifically drop by to start their day off with a kind word. A smile or encouragement can make a huge difference in the way the day will play out. 

I believe in having a Servants Heart. I am around the school campus each day and I am not afraid to to clean a bathroom, empty trash, teach a quick lesson, or to simply listen and give advice. Whatever needs to be done, we all need to pitch in and see that it is done. 

Leaving little notes for staff and students is wonderful way to boost the culture. Celebrating events in the lives of your co-workers and being exciting for even the small things in their lives will go a long way in building relationships and culture too. 

When you are able walk onto your school campus and choose to be positive in all situations, solve problems not create havoc, you will see your culture begin to change. 

Mrs. Hime 

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