Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 10: Collaboration, Skype, Twitter, Oh My!

Week 10 saw the beginning of the second nine weeks of this school year...

The ELL side of my position is going fabulous. This week Mrs. Gaunt and I met with Reading Coaches, Special Education teacher, Counselor, and the Principal at Nance to look at the first grade students we have worked with throughout the first nine weeks. It was wonderful to see the growth and also to identify those students that may need a change. Smokey the Bear came by this week too!

At Southwest I worked on  a second nine week plan for my three first year immigrant students, they have shown so much progress! Mrs. Bridges (Reading Coach) and I met to make a plan for a few of our ELL students, I am excited to get it started! 

Author Skype was the "Buzzword" at Southwest this week. Two teachers skyped with Paul Czajak, author of Monster Needs Your Vote.  Another teacher skyped with Greg Bancroft, author of Betsy's Day at the Game. Both skypes were amazing! Each author read aloud, then then took questions, I was amazed at the questions the students thought to ask, they  were fabulous! 

The Global Read Aloud continued with a week three twitter chat. Mrs. Marshall's class did an awesome job brainstorming the questions! 

My school week ended the same as it has the previous nine weeks: organizing, producing, and videoing the Southwest Weekly Recap. 

I ended the week, and began the coming week, at the Google Summit in Tulsa. I was able to collaborate, learn and grow with not only my amazing Clinton colleagues, but educators from Oklahoma and beyond. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey  as I learn and grow each week, 
Mrs. Hime

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