Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 7: Bridging the Gap Between School & Community

As I reflected upon week 7 I realized that it was a week of 
bridging the gap between school and  community (local and global).  
I had the opportunity to visit with parents on two campuses to discuss ELL and Technology Integration in the classroom, organize and produce the weekly recap video to share the awesome things happening on Southwest campus, as well as  connect students to our global community. 
It was a fabulous week! 

Mrs. Gaunt, Mrs. Gonzalez, and I hosted an ELL Parent Night at Nance. We demonstrated Clinton's new reading program, Footsteps to Brilliance, and enjoyed getting to know the parents of our students. 
The night was a overall success!  

At Southwest I was a part of the extended teachers that were set up to greet parents in the Library. We engaged in meaningful conversations about our various programs while the parents viewed a slide show and had refreshments. 
Both nights at Southwest were awesome!


Also this week I assisted two teachers with Mystery Skypes: Mrs. Stephens' class and Mrs. Thacker's class both skyped with classes in California! The students used critical thinking skills and teamwork to determine the locations. 
They were amazing (as always)! 


Another highlight for me this week was an invitation to visit an art class at the middle school. It was a special invitation for me as many of the students were in my first #cpsreds class. I enjoyed getting to see their amazing creations and catch up on their lives. 
Thank you for sharing with me Mrs. Bodilla! 

My week ended with organizing and producing the Southwest Weekly Recap, 
you can watch it below: 

Thank you for allowing me to share as I grow and Learn,
Mrs. Hime

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