Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 12: A Different Busy...

Week 12 was busy, but a different busy... I have been known to say, on many occasions, that each job/position in a school district is necessary or we wouldn't have them. I am grateful that I have been able to assist in many areas this year and see first hand what goes into so many different tasks, and the value of each one. 

The book fair was in full swing this week. I volunteered to help an hour a day, and I am so glad that I did. I was able to see what goes into hosting the book fair, see former students and meet new ones, guide them in the selection process, and then check them out.  It was a very enlightening experience! 

Southwest faculty and staff hosted our annual Literacy Night this week. It was different this year, instead of having it in each classroom we all set up in the cafeteria. We each had a partner, dressed as book characters, shared a literacy activity, and had a takeaway for each student. I dressed up as a pilgrim, and my partner (Ms. Jaime, our ELL assistant) dressed up as Pocahontas. Our literacy activity was "Move, Groove, Read". The students walked in a circle on sight word footsteps to the song "It's All About Those Books", when the music stopped they said the word they were standing on, then got a bookmark and a takeaway sheet that had qr codes that took them to games they can play at home to practice sight, vocabulary, and spelling words. Our table also gave away six Thanksgiving themed books. It was a great night! 

I published the November Edition of Southwest Innovation & Technology News this week. This month I have challenged the teachers to 4 tasks, in 4 weeks, then their names will go into a 'Lottery", if they are selected I will sub in their classroom for 4 hours on December the 4th. 
 "Is 4 your lucky number?". 

I had several meetings this week to look at ELL data, re-adjust, and move forward. As a classroom teacher I did that regularly for my students, now I am doing it on a larger scale, seeing the bigger picture. 

My week ended as it does each week: organizing, producing, and publishing the weekly recap. I added a new layer to it this week... I filmed Friday's Rise & Shine so that parents/community could get a glimpse of how their students day begins at Southwest. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I learn and Grow each week, 
Mrs. Hime

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