Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 13: Each Meeting, and Discussion, is Necessary to the Growth of Our School

As I prepared to write this reflection I looked over my past week's calendar and notes. I felt as though I didn't have anything exciting and innovative to write about. Over the past three years my reflection has been a starting point for the following week. I tried to "out do" myself each week. It really kept me on my toes and made my lesson planning authentic. But, at first glance this week, it seemed that my week was boring, just meetings. Then, I realized that each meeting was necessary to the growth of our school. 

Mrs. Gaunt and I meet with each Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten teacher this week. Each meeting was very important so that we could discuss the students we see:  keep them, move them, and gain new ones. Some meetings were easier than others, but that means we are all passionate about our students and willing to do what is best for each individual student. The reading coaches were able to join us in the Kinder meetings so that we were able to serve more students between us. I am so thankful for each teacher that meet that us, and for the willingness of Mrs. Taylor to make it all possible. 

So many exciting things are happening each day at Southwest. This week I was able to work with Mrs. Gaunt and Ms. Perez to lay out the plans for the Southwest Makerspace. We took the plans our teachers had shared, added to them, and went to work. I am thankful for the leadership of Mr. Meget and his willingness to allow us to move forward with the vision. It is amazing to see changes each day and realize it takes all of us to make it happen. 

My week ended as it does each week...organizing, producing, and publishing the Southwest Weekly Recap. 

Thank you allowing me to share my journey as I grow and learn each week,  
Mrs. Hime 


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