Friday, January 1, 2016

Reflecting on Professional Moments in 2015 #Best12

I know that everyone is doing their "9" best moments in 2015, but if you know me you know that I am always a little different and that nine just wouldn't be enough. I decided twelve was a good number so here goes!

1. Himetimers 2014-2015 was such a fun group! We skyped with 43 states, 5 countries,  6 authors, several experts, had global read aloud partners from Nebraska, and had awesome facetime buddies with @gauntsgang. This group took the phrase "Global Learners" and ran with it! They were smart, critical thinkers, and most importantly we built life-long friendships.

2. Here are my sweet Himetimers again! We were the first class on SES campus to organize, produce, and publish a green screen activity. It was about our city, state, and country. We sent it to 4 countries because our time zones were so different we would never be in school during the same time. Everyday was an exciting learning adventure!

3. Tonya, Anne, and I took our show on the road during 2015, we  traveled across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas as a team.  We spent a lot of hours together, presenting, learning, and growing.  I have learned so much from these two amazing educators!

4. This was my first year to present at a national conference, TCEA. I was a little nervous, but as soon as I started talking about the things I love to do, my nerves left and I enjoyed it! I also presented at OTA and Recharge again.

5. I lived out of a suitcase the summer of 2015. I accepted a new position in my district which required a lot of professional development. My amazing colleague Mrs. Gaunt and I, traveled to Chicago and Tulsa together. Then she went to Denver and I went to Kansas. I also spent a week at the beach with my family!

6. Tonya and I were instrumental in implementing a new district ELL program this year. After many hours of professional development we visited several local civic groups to share about the program. We have hosted parent nights and worked at the district health fair too!

7. During 2015 I organized professional development opportunities for teachers in our district. I really enjoyed this. I made new friends and strengthened my old friendships as we learned and grew as educators!

8. This year I think I have been a part of more meetings than the other 49 years I have been alive. I am grateful for these meetings, that means we are progressing as a district and I am learning and growing with the best!

9. A highlight for me as an educator is to see my former students and hearing about their successes and failures, really just about their lives. I love twitter for keeping up, even right here in our district. The art teacher posts about her classes quite often and I love to see the projects the classes are working on. One post caught my eye, I commented, and the next thing I knew I had an invite to the middle school art class. I saw several former students in person, which was a special treat!

10. In my new position I have the opportunity to serve and assist teachers with ELL, innovation, and technology. It has been awesome to do Mystery Skypes, Author skypes, tech challenges, sharing a "favorite thing" each month, host Tech Tuesday's, and just share learn, and grow with the amazing teachers at SES!

11. Tech Tuesday's have grown so much  the first semester, I thought it deserved its own pic! I have loved getting to connect, share, learn, and grow with these fab educators!!

12. The Makerspace was a fairly large undertaking that took meetings and hard work to accomplish. I am so proud of the outcome! The transformation in just four short weeks was incredible, so proud to be a Clinton Red Tornado!

There are many more outstanding professional moments that I could share, but I think you get the idea: I LOVE MY JOB! My word for 2015 was "GROW", I think I nailed it...

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