Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 22: Opportunities

This year I have not had one week, day, or minute that have been the same and I have had at least one "first" each week. This has given me the opportunity to grow and learn in ways that I didn't dream were possible.  In the previous four years on Southwest campus I was confined to the third grade hallway, those were my friends and colleagues, those were the teachers that I interacted with daily. This year I have been able to work with each member of the staff and faculty and have built relationships that I would never of dreamed possible. A teacher (whom I have never met), from another school district in Oklahoma, randomly sent me a direct message on twitter this morning asking me how I got the job I have, she is very interested in pursuing something similar.  As I reflected, then shared my journey with her, I was humbled and thankful for the opportunity I have been given to serve and support others. I was also very excited that a teacher from another district sees the amazing things going on in our school, I love my job! 

Students of the Month enjoyed an hour of extra Makerspace time this week. Second and third graders helped with a "Theatre Marquee" that we hung above the door going into the green screen room. 

Maker Monday was a huge success! Thirty seven third graders and their families (totaling over 115 people) enjoyed an evening of making in the Southwest Makerspace. 

I assisted teachers with green screen projects as the January challenge ended Friday. I am so excited that eleven Southwest teachers took the challenge! All the teachers that participated were in a drawing for a grand prize, Mrs. Flores won.... she not only won a book on movie making and a director's clapboard, but a one day pass for lunch/recess duty! 

I am thrilled that two more teachers are ready to try #Mysteryskype! I worked on getting those set up this week along with videoing a Mystery Skype and more reading centers in action.  Access testing begins in one week so I completed that training along with checking on ELL classrooms. I am super excited to see the growth in these students! 

My "first" this week was presenting virtually at the Global Edcamp. I had signed up several weeks ago and did know what to expect. I choose to present through a google hangout, the title of my presentation was "Becoming a Maker". It was PLC day, so I wasn't sure what classes would be in the Makerspace, it turned out to be third graders, and they weren't shy! I traveled to each station asking what they were making, building, working on. Each table did an outstanding job of explaining. The audience consisted of educators from all around the world, I am really glad we were able to participate! 

Week 22 Weekly Recap went really well. The kids interviewed one of our veteran teachers, Mrs. Collins, she is an amazing lady! 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I learn and grow each week, I love my job! 
Mrs. Hime 


  1. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Great job leading!

  2. Thank you for being an awesome example! So glad I get to learn and grow with you!