Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 27: Cale Brady Goad

Week 27 was a short work week for me, two days and a baby...

I was able to assist in the Makerspace while the Students of the Month enjoyed an extra hour of innovation and creativity. This is a special treat for the students that are chosen based on their exemplary behavior. That evening, while teachers conducted conferences, I opened the Makerspace for families to visit with their children, it was a huge success! 

I also covered a few lunch/recess duties Monday and Tuesday for teachers that had completed the February Tech Challenge. I have really enjoyed interacting with the kiddos during this time over the past few weeks. 

Then, Wednesday morning, I became Gram for the second time. Our daughter Bailey, and her husband Brady, had a precious little boy, Cale Brady Goad. He favors his big brother Jason, which brought back so many wonderful memories of his birth three years ago.  Bailey and Brady will celebrate five years of marriage this week, of course Kevin and I said we would be happy to come back and keep the boys so they could go out for awhile. I love being a Gram!  

During the past month I feel as though I have been absent from work as much as I have been at work. I have traveled to Austin, CanCun, Stillwater, and Fairfax. We have had a wedding for our oldest daughter Erika, and welcomed her husband Nick into our family. Then eleven days later welcomed our second grandchild into our lives. So many changes, but change is good! 

Thank you for all for allowing me to share my journey this year as I learn and grow each week,
Mrs. Hime


  1. Congratulations to you and Kevin on precious, little Cale! As my father would say, "Money can't buy a little one like that!"