Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 29: True Joy

Just returning from Spring Break, this four day week was spent assisting and helping to organize projects for testing season... 

I am so excited to help SES teachers with a motivational video for the students. This has been   a learning experience for me! I am thankful that others in our district are able to show me how to use a  program that I can use to put the teacher's song onto karaoke music.  The second part of this process is to video adults all over the school and put music on the videos. I can not wait to see to the finished product!

We are also planning a testing pep rally. My part in this was to cut 23 banners so that each class will be able to decorate one  and hang it in the gym for the rally.  I am so excited see how the rally comes together! 

This month's tech challenge, making auras, has been a big hit! Several more classes completed theirs this week. I love seeing student's work displayed all over the school, at first sight it's just artwork, then it comes to life with the aurasma app! Innovation and Technology are on fire at SES! 

I had several ELL meetings this week, mainly just laying out plans for the remainder of the year, but also discussing ways to make next year's program more efficient. We are continuing to move forward, which a good thing! 

As always my week ended with organizing and producing this week's weekly recap, I can not believe this was number 29! I  always learn something about the staff member that I didn't know, I love this part of my week! 

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey as I learn and grow each week,  I am having the time of my life,  

Mrs. Hime

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