Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week 3: Maybe you are the one meant to hear it...

Week three began (and ended) taking pictures, labeling them, and making books for our first year immigrant students on Southwest campus. I can not wait to begin working with them next week! 

ELL binders were completed,  loaded on a cart, and passed  out to each homeroom teacher at SES. While passing them out I was the recipient of a very kind gesture by a third grade student. He came out of no where, offered to hold the door open for me (and my cart), and walked me down the hall. I was able to share  his outstanding behavior with his class, give him a Caught Ya coupon, and make a phone call to his place of residence to praise this young man. 

I had several very productive meetings this week with reading teachers, first grade teachers, and ELL assistants. I also attended a superintendent's advisory team meeting, Footsteps to Brilliance meeting,  and spoke at the Kiwanis club. 

I have really enjoyed being able to shift my roll  to serving and assisting teachers with instructional technology and ELL issues. I have been amazed at the wonderful response I have received from the awesome staff at #CPSREDS. 

My week ended with producing Southwest Weekly Recap, once again the students were outstanding! Kuddos to Mr. Fowler's homeroom for brainstorming such awesome questions for the interview with Mrs. Quintero! 

I am documenting my days, weeks, and year on Shuttercal, take a look, it has been amazing!

Thank you for allowing me to share as I reflect upon each week while I learn and grow, 
Mrs. Hime

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