Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 31: Connecting & Building Relationships

I feel I say this each week, really was a busy week! There just isn't enough time in the day to complete all the tasks that are on my list, so I get to work by 6:45am, and leave most days around 5:00... I am still not able to complete my list, I think that is job security, right? 

I had the opportunity to sit in on meetings at a local counseling center this week. This year has definitely broaden my vision from four walls to the campus, district, and beyond.  Seeing the whole "picture" come together has been quite an experience! 

SES hosted our final Maker Monday of the year. Since January we have opened our Makerspace eight Monday nights for SES families and community members.  It was a wonderful outreach for our campus! 

Our SES faculty and staff have worked together to make an inspirational testing video for our students. This week I recorded the teachers singing a song ,written by one of our teachers, to the music of a very popular song, it has turned out to be the cutest video. We will show it to the students at the Pep Rally next Monday (so I am not posting it on the blog until next week). 

We also collaborated on a video starring each class giving a shout out of encouragement to other classes. We will premiere this video at the Pep Rally too. Each class made banners that I hung in the gym Friday afternoon. Several students came into the gym while I was working, they were so excited! I can't wait until the Pep Rally, I am not sure who is going to enjoy it more, the adults or students! 

A month or so ago our SES Book Club decided we wanted to host an April luncheon, that happened on Thursday. I was happy to get to decorate and organize the food etc. We had four lunch groups and also invited the district maintenance crew.  I also gave the teachers a preview of the video that we will show at the Pep Rally, it was awesome to see everyone smiling and laughing together. Third grade teachers also hosted a baby shower for one our assistants, it was a great week of connecting and building relationships! 

This week I also attended several meetings to discuss Innovation Week (that is fast approaching), state testing, ELL, and  moving  forward into next year. Of course my week would not be complete without organizing, producing, and publishing the weekly recap: 

Thank you for following me this year as I learn & grow, I love my job! 
Mrs. Hime


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